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March 20, 2013

Vote for Little Fox (and me!)

Vote for Little Fox (and me!)

It’s the first day of Spring today, or so my know-it-all 5yo tells me. But no one told the Michigan weather gods because it’s 25 and snowing right now. I love the snow. I really do, but I’m kind of done with it. I have seeds ready to plant! I have a bike to ride! I have outdoor furniture to sit in!

So, in honor of the Spring that I wish was here, I wrote a short story for a Spring-themed contest. And I’m one of the seven finalists! (Out of 40-something, I think). You can vote for me. (Little Fox’s Springs, entry #6) at this link. Thanks in advance!

December 8, 2011


If the holidays aren’t a time for cooking, I don’t know what they are for! And my 3-year-old seems to have sensed the vibe, because he’s been spending an average of 30 minutes a day in his play kitchen recently.

He loves to cook, and I love cooking in my own kitchen while he putters away in his mini-version right next to me. As I simmer away the tomatoes and onions, he chops his velcro and wood fruit, mixes them in his mini pans and sticks them in the oven. Then he brings it over to me for a taste or insists that I sit down for a more formal meal.

And it’s even more fun when he gets up on his “learning tower” to cook along with me. So when we got this cookbook to review from OwlKids, we were both really excited. My son was very proud to show his dad that he has his very own cookbook, and it’s provided us with fun, great times together, and some really good food.

Title: Eat it Up!
Author: Elisabeth de Mariaffi
Genre: Nonfiction, Cookbook
Age: 3 and up!

What to do with the kids:

These are simple, easy, and yummy recipes. Let your kid pick one out: the pictures will allow even kids who are too young to read to choose for themselves. Then take them to the store (or a farmer’s market if it’s summertime!) and let them help buy the ingredients.

The first recipe my son chose, much to my surprise, was the meat pie. I don’t eat red meat, and I don’t usually cook with it at home, so we used Field Roast Apple Sage sausages (which are meat-free, soy-free, and dairy-free and absolutely great). It was delicious! It was even better smothered with some Apple Butter. Hey, it’s the holidays, right?