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June 14, 2011

Self-esteem boosting hip hop at the dinner table? Better than the kale, apparently.

Well, it isn’t a book, but this hip hip album, Easy, by Secret Agent 23 Skidoo and his musical family is sure to teach my toddler a lot about words, rhymes, and lyrics as he learns to sing along.  This is a kids’ CD that won’t make you want to drive your car off the road.  In fact, I’ve been known to start bouncing in the driver’s seat when we play it, even if we’re on the tenth replay of “The Last Dragon” in a row.  Which has happened.  We are VERY into dragons at my house.

Here is one of my favorite rhymes:

he made a funny face
and asked if dragons really
went into space
he thought that it sounded
a little bit STRANGE
but since he met a dragon
what was STRANGE had CHANGED

Anyway, as you can hopefully tell from these lines, this is great stuff.

I knew it was a great buy when my three year-old started this call and response at the dinner table last night:

3YO: Whatchya gotta be?

Me: I gotta be me!!

3YO: Whatchya gotta be?

Me: I gotta be me!

This went on for awhile.  Dad joined in.  It got silly.  (Whatchya gotta be? I gotta be a … tablecloth! hysterical laughter. repeat.)

Great night, even if he did spit out the kale I put on top of the pizza.  Highly recommend this CD.

Search for them on your favorite online music store (is there more than one?) or check out their website: