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November 14, 2013

The Most Valuable Player

November is the month of giving thanks or a celebration of thankfulness, as one blogger describes it. I am thankful everyday for Blog Photofriends and family who are the most valuable players in my life. However, this month I am giving thanks for my love of reading (and writing).

Sometimes it’s hard to make time for the little things we love most. When you finally carve out time for the thing you love, is it a warm fuzzy feeling, a rush of adrenalin or does it simply bring a smile to your face?

Ellie McDoodle book cover

Author & Illustrator: Ruth McNally Barshaw
Ages: 8-12 yrs

As I sat down with a new book to read, a smile appeared on my face from page one. The Ellie McDoodle Diaries-Most Valuable Player, by Ruth McNally Barshaw was a fun book. In the beginning Ellie talks about the Breakfast Games that her family plays. In the game, Balloon Bobble, they bump the balloon in the air while eating…and mayhem begins.

Do you remember the dreaded words that you never liked to hear your teacher say? For Ellie it was when the teacher announced that they would have to work on “group projects.” Of course best friends couldn’t be together.

Although Ellie couldn’t be in the same project group with her best friend, she could do other things with her. When Ellie’s friend decides to try out for the parks and rec soccer team, she encourages Ellie to do the same. After giving a lot of excuses, Ellie finally decides to give soccer a try.

Guess who coaches Ellie’s team…? You’ll have to read the book to find out. And who is the Most Valuable Player? It’s revealed at the end of the book. If you get to the end of the book and want more, there are other Ellie McDoodle books in the series.

For a little family fun, choose a most valuable player (MVP) in your family each week (until everyone has a turn to win). Create your own guidelines. Maybe your MVP is the person who completed all of her chores without complaining, or completed a task without being asked to do it.

Your MVP could also be one who went to bed on time for an entire week. You could even take a lesson from Ellie McDoodle’s family and initiate your version of Breakfast Games. That’s one way to make meal time interesting.

As a reward, treat your MVP to a lunch of his or her choosing or some other small token.

While you celebrate the month of giving thanks, build in time to do something you love. Know that it’s okay for you to be selected as the Most Valuable Player.

How will you celebrate the month of giving thanks with your MVP?