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Published Essays and Articles. If you are interested in hiring me for freelance work, contact me at wendylawrencemorgan (at) gmail (dot) com.


The homes that got away
Seattle Times, August 4 2006

Time to walk in someone else’s sneakers
Christian Science Monitor, March 14, 2005


11 Books to Read Aloud to your Unborn Baby
ParentMap, May 2013

Smart Summer Science: Turn Cooking and Collecting into Smart Summer Fun
ParentMap, March 2013

How to Make an Eco-Friendly, Green, and Safe Home for Kids
ParentMap, April 2013

We Vote For These! Great Books that Get Kids Election-Ready and Civics-Savvy
ParentMap, October 2012

Green Birthday Bashes for Kids: Great Ideas for Eco-Friendly Celebrations
ParentMap, March 2012

Avoid the summer reading slump: Getting kids interested in reading
ParentMap, SummerMap 2012
American Camp Association Blog, March 22, 2012 

Handling Sexual Harassment at School: Are they doing enough?
ParentMap, February 2012

Is your child a procrastinator?
North State Parent, February 2012
 October 2008

Bogeyman Begone! Helping Kids Conquer Fears and Phobias
ParentMap, December 2011

Encouraging Girls in Math and Science: The Struggle Against Gender Stereotypes
North State Parent, February 2012 
, November 2011

How 3 of Tennessee’s Top Teachers Reach Kids in the Classroom
Nashville Parent, September 2011

6-word “momoir”: “I’m pregnant. I’m not a buddha.”
Huffington Post, May 7, 2001

Being test-smart in Middle School
ParentMap, February 2008

Why I love Middle School
ParentMap, October 2007

Communication: A Middle School must
ParentMap, January 2007


Visit Eastside Prep here. Visit the Eastside Prep magazine here. Visit each issue below.

Various articles
Inspire, Fall 2011

Various articles
Inspire, Spring 2011

Various articles
Inspire, Fall 2010

Various articles
Eastside Prep Magazine, Spring 2010


I also blog for ParentWorld’s Nashville Parent

Selected posts from this blog “The Family That Reads Together” can be found online at ParentMap

ON THIS BLOG RIGHT HERE (A few of my favorite posts)

on having a scared kid: Bad Dreams, Nightmares, Scary Things, Oh My!

on learning about my dad by watching him as a granddad: It’s not wrapped, but here it is anyway, Dad

on reading a controversial momming book: Roar of the Tiger Mom

on a great kids’ CD: Self-esteem boosting hop hop at the dinner table? Better than the kale, apparently.


I’ve written restaurant reviews and a sidebar on the Pike Place Market for Hungry? Seattle Family

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