Book List: Middle Grade and Young Adult

These are my favorite.  For more on why that is, click here to read this blog entry.  Otherwise, just peruse this wonderful list below.

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Middle Grade and Young Adult Books, Alphabetically by Author

Middle Grade and Young Adult Books, Alphabetically by Title

9 Comments to “Book List: Middle Grade and Young Adult”

  1. You have some great books on your lists! I’m always looking for my next favorite book. 🙂

  2. Could I be so bold as to make a suggestion…Tesoro. It’s a great book for tweens and teens. It’s been described as a cross between Harry Potter and Star Trek. It’s a very “smart” book. Readers can access it at

  3. Will you be updating this list? I just read a new book called Dead Chest Island and it was an action-packed adventure without all the depressing aspects of the Hunger-Games genre.

  4. Thanks for sharing this great list with your readers! There are quite a few books here that I know my son will enjoy a lot. I was recommended a book, that I would also like to share with you called “Watson’s Way” by author Joel Lund ( My son and I read this book together every night for a couple weeks and it really changed his outlook (and mine) on a lot of things. The author uses his family dog to teach life lessons such as how to be a more patient person, and how to better get a long with others. There is something so pure about learning these things from an innocent animal and my son really seemed to enjoy it. We laughed at times and even cried, but overall I feel we both came out of the experience as better people. There is even a place in the book for kids to write in a journal if they want to! This book focuses on many subjects that can be issues for children, teens and adults alike and shows us how to better deal with these subjects. I would like to give it my full endorsement

  5. There are just so many books to enjoy! For the younger ages, I really like the Mice of the Herring Bone series by Tim Davis. Also, Encyclopedia Brown is unbeatable…especially the original, non-updated versions. I really like The Great Turkey Walk by Kathleen Karr, too! Thanks for the list! I LOVE lists of books! It would be really nice to see a poetry anthology on here, too. Random House Book of Poetry is great…edited (compiled) by Jack Prelutsky. (Can you guess how old I am?)

  6. I forgot A Wrinkle in Time and its sequels…A Wind in the Door is my favorite. These are definitely for the middle grades to YA. Really full of exciting adventure and thoughtful insight! There is a character to relate to each person in the family!

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