Book List: Board and Picture Books

I love board books and picture books! Good ones are really, really great. (Bad ones are terrible, but hopefully this blog will help you avoid spending money on those. And libraries go a long way with that, too.) I’ve grouped them together because many are sold in both formats, so it didn’t make sense to separate them. They are listed below first by author, then by title. The family that reads together definitely needs a lot of these—kid lit at its best!

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Board Books and Picture Books, Alphabetically by Author

Board Books and Picture Books, Alphabetically by TITLE

9 Comments to “Book List: Board and Picture Books”

  1. Do you have any board book recommendations about/including sheep or lambs?

  2. I will find one and let you know! Let me think about it for a second. 🙂

  3. I found one I really like! “Time for Bed” by Mem Fox. FABULOUS illustrations by Jane Dyer and charming bedtime lullaby rhymes.

  4. What a great book list! Can’t wait to check out When Pigasso Met Mootisse by Nina Laden.

  5. Baseball Saved Us was such an incredible book to share with my 4th graders when I taught. I read it aloud after reading the story about Jacki Robinson in our anthology. Now I write for kids. Would love to see one of my books in your list one day! You have a great blog!

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