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the family that reads together includes

  • descriptions of great children’s literature for kids from infants to teens,
  • personal stories about reading with kids (or just raising them), and
  • activities designed to
    • engage kids on a deeper level with the books they are reading,
    • increase reading comprehension through book-related activities, and
    • bring you and your child closer together through meaningful conversations about literature.

Okay, that was the elevator speech.  This is the elevator-broke-down-and-we’re-stuck-here speech.

This blog is for parents, teachers, guardians, and anyone else who is part of the global village of child-rearing. I want to introduce you to the wonderful world of children’s books, so that you can understand better what your children are reading and learn about new books that you might recommend for them. This blog will highlight any book (whether old or new, picture book, early reader, middle grade, or young adult) that your child (or you!) will want to read by flashlight under the covers when it’s way past bedtime.

We want you to talk to your kids about books! So here are some ideas about that. Fair warning, though: these ideas are not meant to be used as a teaching tool so that you can try to convince your son or daughter that they should understand a book the same way you go. Ugh. That brings back memories of really bad English classes. No, the beauty of a conversation about a book is thinking about each individual reader as a new character who brings their own point of view to the story. Learning your child’s perspective on their reading is a gift in itself.

And sometimes, the family that reads together also needs to eat together, play together, travel together, and just live out each day together. So there may be some of those stories, too. Although I’m a bit bookish, and will tend to relate everything I can to a book.

Some of my favorite posts:

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Review Policy

I love to write about new books, and will happily accept yours if you send it to me, but please make sure it is relevant for this blog first.  (In general, if children or parents have something to gain from it, it’s relevant.)

I cannot guarantee that the review will appear (if the book doesn’t fit with the others on my blog, it may not), but if it has something to add to the world of children’s literature, then I will be excited to add it!  I will not sell or giveaway an ARC unless you request that I host a giveaway as part of the promotion.

Contact me by email thefamilythatreadstogether (at) gmail (dot) com) for more information.


The gorgeous header and button for this blog were designed and drawn by the brilliant, talented, and really easy-to-work-with Danaye Shipplett.  I highly recommend her for all of your illustrate-y needs!

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