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June 8, 2015

Got books? Launching into summer reading

by Angela Verges

Got books? The end of school is fast approaching and the kids may want to do anything, but read a book, so how will you hook their interest? For younger kids, maybe they need to know how to read a story.

The picture book, How to Read a Story, the process of becoming a reader is chronicled with step by step fun ideas. Some of the steps include: finding a cozy reading spot, finding a reading buddy, and talking like the characters in the book.

How to read a story

Title: How to Read a Story Author: Kate Messner Illustrator: Mark Siegel Genre: Picture book Ages: 4-8

Easy to read language and colorful illustrations will draw the reader into this book. Can you imagine your child talking in their best fierce dragon voice or scared robot voice? How to read a story can serve as a Segway for other summer reading. How about a book with a beach or carnival theme to prepare your child for summer adventures?

Caterina and the Best Beach Day was a book that set the tone for a fun time at the beach. You can join Caterina and Leo as they journey to the beach in hopes of seeing a whale. Although Caterina has doubts about seeing a whale, she prepares anyway by setting up camp at the beach.

Caterina and the Bes Beach Day

Title: Caterina and the Best Beach Day Author/Illustrator: Erin Eitter Kono Genre: Picture book Ages: 3-5

How will Caterina prepare for seeing a whale? First she applies sunscreen and then collects shells. You will have to read the book to see what other antics are a part of Cateriana and Leo’s beach experience. Caterina learns that a perfectly crafted plan sometimes changes.

After your child has her instructions for how to read a story, she can begin her summer reading with Caterina and Leo and their best beach day.

Do you have a list of books that will launch you into the summer reading season?