Cakes that are rude and Cyclops that are not

by Wendy Lawrence

Looking at the cover of the picture book Rude Cakes, I wasn’t so sure what to expect. There was a picture of a cake smiling and presumably being rude (if you can judge a book by its cover) to the cupcake and marshmallow running away from it. What I didn’t notice on the cover is that the green hill-like thing on which the said confections are standing is actually the head of a cyclops. Yes, I expected a lot of things from a book called Rude Cakes, but the Cyclops wasn’t one of them. So that shows you about books and covers and judging things.


Rude Cakes starts out with a cake that is, predictably, being rude. Really rude. This is one rude cake and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near her. (Her? I’m making the assumption because it is pink. You can yell at me later for that.)\

Title: Rude Cakes
Rowboat Watkins
Totally awesome picture book

But just as the rude cake is ignoring her parents’ specific instructions to go to sleep, she is plucked from her house by a Cyclops who understandably mistakes her for a giant hat. Cyclopses, you will find out if you have the good luck to get this book, love small hats and also are never rude.

As for the rest? I think you just need to read it. This might be one of my favorite picture books I’ve picked up in a long long while. I love the humor. I love the randomness. The messaging is not subtle, nor does it need to be–it’s surrounded by total zaniness! My 7yo doesn’t read a lot of picture books anymore, but I still love to curl him up with one every now and then and this one will be perfect. The whole family will laugh. Is there any gift better than that? Thank you Rowboat Watkins!

5 Comments to “Cakes that are rude and Cyclops that are not”

  1. Thank YOU, Wendy! You made my day!

  2. Thank YOU, Wendy. You made my day. Am so glad you liked the book.

  3. It’s worth updating this post to note two things: One: I was wrong about the pinkness. The cake is a boy as is made very clear by the number of time his parents say “Mister”. Two: I was right about my 7yo loving it. Been a good month of reading picture books together!

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