Can I hear it for the series?

by Wendy Lawrence

Early readers like their series. Actually, intermediate, advanced, and adult readers like their series. I’m a fan of No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, personally–do you have a favorite?

But I’m getting off track. We were talking about early readers. Series are great for these kids because the books become familiar. They know the characters and the general plots. They get to know the structure of the book. Kids can read a higher level of books in a series because there is so much about the book that is comfortable and familiar. In this way, series books can both stretch a reader and give them easy reading practice.

The question that I get asked by moms more than any other question is “what kind of series does your son like?” They always ask the question in the same way, which is this “What should my son/daughter read after Magic Tree House?”

So, for sure, Magic Tree House is a good place to start! I also remember my anxiety as a mom when I saw my son getting to the end of the series. What would i do next? I still feel this a little bit each time he gets near the end. But then a trip to the library always straightens me out. Here are some that he loved in his early reading days:

droon1The Secrets of Droon – a great beginning fantasy series that has the advantage of having a lot of books to keep them busy for awhile. The books are short and fairly simple, although they can get a little dark towards the end of the series. But nothing too major.

Beastquest – This is one of those formulaic series, but it was one of the first my son read and because there are so many, it kept him busy for quite awhile. The same author has a Deep Dive series (called SeaQuest in England), and a higher-level but still beginning fantasy series called Chronicles of Avantia.avantia1

Oliver Moon is one of my favorites to recommend. It’s really fun, about a boy in olivermoonmagic school in a world where everyone is magic. This is a great starter series.

Galactic Time Travelers is, I believe, a self-published series. We found it in a Seattle independent bookstore–or rather Great Grandma did–but I’ve also seen it online. I love this series because it’s five books long and each book is slightly longer and more complicated than the previous one. The fifth book is about twice the length of the first one. You can practically watch your kids learning how to read as they go through this series. Plus, it’s one of my son’s favorites. If there’s ever a lull between finishing one series and a trip to the library, he picks this one up to read again.

Hopefully that will keep your reading going for a little while, but I’ve got plenty more ideas where those came from! Happy reading! And if you or your young reader has a favorite series, please let us know in the comments below!

4 Comments to “Can I hear it for the series?”

  1. I love the sound of Oliver Moon. Thanks, Wendy!

  2. Have you thought about the “funny pages” or other humor comics for that age group? I remember Calvin and Hobbes was one of my favorite collections, still is even today.

  3. Over the last few years, I’ve found the “I Survived” Series to be very popular with fourth graders and up. The books contain an exciting story set within a real life historical event. For example, one of the titles is I Survived 911. There’s lots to learn in this series and I think if parents read it to or with their kids, good discussion will follow. Thanks for a great post, Wendy.

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    Wanted to share this list of series books that young readers might enjoy.

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