for kids who love colors. or those that don’t, but will soon. Mix it up!

by Wendy Lawrence

I was super excited when this book landed on my doorstep. Its predecessor, Press Here is one of our longtime family favorites. (If you don’t know that one, and unexpectedly interactive book of colors, definitely check out the link above.)

Mix it Up! uses the same principles of Press Here, but adds a whole dimension of colors and how they are made. Kids mix their fingers on the paint illustrations and make their own colors as if they were mixing paints themselves. What happens when you rub your finger on the blue then dip it in the yellow? Turn the pages to find out! What about if one page has a red dot and the opposite page has a yellow dot and you close them together? Turn the page again! What about if you mix a bunch of colors with white? Or with black?

mixitupTitle: Mix it Up!
Author/Illustrator: Hervé Tullet
: Picture Book, Art
Ages: 0 – 6

Kids will love playing with this book. And when you are done, they will love playing with paint! You could even really easily let your kids recreate this whole book with a simple supply of finger paints. How much fun would that be?

4 Comments to “for kids who love colors. or those that don’t, but will soon. Mix it up!”

  1. “Mix It Up!” sounds like a great and enjoyable book for kids. It’s such a fun idea for a book that can teach them about colours too. I’ll be sure to recommend it to my cousin’s who have toddlers or even buy it as a present for my nieces/nephews!

  2. My daughter paints tonnes when you can sit her down to paint but it’s not often enough. i shall encourage her with this cool book. Cheers, Wendy!

  3. I’ve always thought of “Press Here” as the Anti iPod. So could “Mix It Up!” be the Anti Mess? I love that books are becoming so “Oh, you think that’s fun? I can do that with a book!” 🙂

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