don’t forget your FLASHLIGHT

by Wendy Lawrence

This book made me wish it was nighttime and I was camping. Well, actually, I usually wish I was camping. But just flip through a couple of pages of this wordless, black-yet-bright, night-inspired picture book and see if you don’t find yourself waiting for the sun to go down.

My kids are going to love this book. And as soon as it’s done they are going to look for their flashlights. The nighttime images are gorgeous, and the beam of light that finds bats, owls, sticks, and apples, is perfect. Even without words, the book manages to be funny. The boy trips at one point and finds the beam illuminating him–with a raccoon on the other end!

flashlightTitle: Flashlight
Author/Illustrator: Lizi Boyd (or do I only write “illustrator” since there are no words??)
Genre: Picture Book
Ages: 2 – 7

3 Responses to “don’t forget your FLASHLIGHT”

  1. wordless picture books DEFINITELY have writers (even if the author is the illustrator). there is a great concept behind this book, along with story, and that was surely all written down and planned out before illustrations were made. thanks for sharing!

    • Yes, that’s a good point. I wasn’t thinking about the story as written down. But I would also argue that illustrators do that even with books that have separate authors and words–they tell their own stories with their pictures, sometimes above and beyond what’s written. But we don’t call them authors. So hence my confusion. But I agree with you, and either way, it’s a great book!


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