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May 6, 2014

National Clean Up Your Room Day

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by Angela Verges

Sometimes I stumble across the most bazaar things, this time it’s National Clean up Your Room Day, which is celebrated May 10th. This is one holiday I’m willing to celebrate, but I don’t think my boys are. Have you ever had to constantly tell your child to clean his room?
It your child is less than thrilled about cleaning his room, encourage him to join you in the national celebration of clean your room day. Maybe your child doesn’t even believe his room is a mess. I remember many times that my sons room has looked like a science experiment gone wrong. When he did attempt to clean it things were rearranged, but still not clean.
I recently read a picture book that reminded me of my son and his attempts to clean his room. Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon! is a picture book by Pat Cummings that uses colorful pictures and rhyme to tell the story of Harvey’s cleaning spree.
Harvey was all set to watch cartoons when his mom reminded him that it was the day he needed to clean his room. He didn’t’ t think his room was mess at all and could be cleaned before the next T.V. show that he wanted to see. Harvey picked up a softball, a toothbrush and even library books he had forgotten about.

Author and Illustrator: Pat Cummings Ages 4-7 years

Author and Illustrator: Pat Cummings
Ages 4-7 years

When Harvey looked at the clock it was nearing time for next T.V. show he wanted to see and there were still toys all around his room. You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens. Maybe Harvey could have taken a few cleaning tips from the book How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms? By Jane Yolen and Mark Teague.

In Jane Yolen’s book questions are raised such as, Does a dinosaur put dirty socks in the back of his drawers? Does he hide his pajamas behind bathroom doors? In the end questions such as this are answered and the dinosaur has a tidy room.

Author: Jane Yolen Illustrator: Mark Teague

Author: Jane Yolen
Illustrator: Mark Teague

In the picture book How to Clean Your Room in 10 easy steps, author Jennifer LaRue Huget takes a different approach. On the opening page of the story the little girl welcomes the reader into her very clean room. The author used humor as she lists step one, “always wait until your mother hollers.”

By step three the reader is told to take everything out of his closets and drawers and dump it in a pile in the middle of the room. This is the beginning of reorganization efforts. By the end of the story, the reader has seen how to clean his room in a fun way.

Author: Jennifer LaRue Huget Illustrator: Edward Koren

Author: Jennifer LaRue Huget
Illustrator: Edward Koren

Check out the article 10 Awesome Ways to make cleaning FUN for kids, for creative ways to get your child to clean. Here are a few of those tips:
• Dress up like maids and butlers
• Let your child pretend she is filming a cleaning commercial
• Give your child a mission or challenge – for example, tell him his first mission is to organize all of his shoes. Sing or play the theme song to Mission Impossible as he works

What are your tips for National Clean Up Your Room Day?