Have you ever taken a mouse the movies?

‘Tis the season to be jolly. The holiday season can create an atmosphere of cheer, sharing and togetherness. One of the things my family likes to do during the holiday is watch movies together or venture out to the movie theater. Of course we can’t go through the season without picking up a book.Blog Photo

As my sons and I were discussing which movie we wanted to see at the movie theater, the conversation spiraled in a new direction.

“If we go to the movies, you know we’ll have to buy nachos or a pretzel,” one son said.

“Yeah, and all of that salt and butter will make us thirsty and we will need a pop,” said the other son.

Our conversation had a familiar tone. It reminded me of a book by one of my favorite children’s authors, If You Take a Mouse to the Movies, by Laura Numeroff. You may be familiar with the story; when mouse goes to the movies, he wants popcorn. Then he wants to string the popcorn. After that, he wants to hang the popcorn on a Christmas tree. And the list goes on.

Author: Laura Numeroff Illustrator: Felicia Bond Genre: Picture Book Age: 0-2

Author: Laura Numeroff
Illustrator: Felicia Bond
Genre: Picture Book
Age: 0-2

I enjoyed pulling this book out and reintroducing it to my teen boys. They got a chuckle out of how much the story resembled them.

Laura Numeroff’s lovable mouse has lots of character. He practically dances through the pages with his requests and antics. When I shared this story with a group of children at an afterschool program, they wanted more.

Instead of reading the book over and over and over again, we worked on a couple of projects related to the story. Below are five activity ideas that relate to If You take a Mouse to the Movies.

• Make popcorn balls and shape them into mice.
• String popcorn and hang it on a Christmas tree.
• Make a mouse shaped ornament and decorate it with glitter, like the mouse in the story.
• Draw a container for popcorn on construction paper, then glue real popcorn to it.
• Create math problems for your child – for example… If mouse bought five drinks at the movies, how many of his friends could have their own drink?

Have you ever taken a mouse to the movies or maybe even a child? They’ll want more.

Do you have a favorite Holiday story that resembles your child or the child in you?

2 Comments to “Have you ever taken a mouse the movies?”

  1. Love the craft ideas! Thanks for some great ideas to do over winter break 🙂

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