a stormy, superhero-ific saturday

The best thing about The Best Saturday Ever is the illustrations. Bright colors on a black background give a superhero feel to the book, which is appropriate for a story of a boy who turns into a superhero on a rainy saturday. The colors also do a nice job of giving the effect of a rainy day when the power is out; all the light seems to be coming from the boy’s imagination, which I love.

Tbestsaturdayeveritle: The Best Saturday Ever
Author: Gary Cook
Illustrator: Adam Sword
Genre: Picture Book

A great book to encourage kids to play imaginatively, parents can jump right in with their own encouragement. Get out your own superhero cape and fly around the house. (Kids run faster when there is someone chasing them!)

Power outages might be my favorite times. Of course, there are downsides now that I am the responsible adult (making sure the fish get enough oxygen, picking up dry ice for the freezer and finding all the flashlights). But I wouldn’t trade them for anything, and this books definitely explains why.

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