Monster Costume (but not how you think)

If there’s one thing we do in this family, it’s Halloween, so obviously we have to have lots of Halloween books. This is a new one that the folks at Scarletta were nice enough to send me.

I love a good monster story. And I also love a good monster story. (Get it?) This is both.

monster needs a costumeTitle: Monster Needs a Costume
Author: Paul Czajak
Illustrator: Wendy Grieb
Genre: Picture Book, Halloween
Ages: 0 – 6

Monster wants to be a cowboy for Halloween and wears his costume everywhere…until he sees the ballet. But cowboy? Dancer? Ninja? What WILL monster be? This is a great story that will make kids laugh and get excited to try on their own costumes. (Of course, ANYTHING could et my kids excited to try on a costume.) But still. I loved the illustrations in this book, too. They are super colorful, super lively, and super funny. Stealth ninja monster is definitely my favorite.

Another great thing about this book is that the monster dresses in outfits that are traditionally assigned to both genders. Cowboy. Dancer. Ninja. I love that those are interchangeable ideas because too often they aren’t. You can challenge your kid on that…see if he or she notices. Or ask your boy if he would consider being a dancer or your girl if she would be a cowboy. If they look shocked and upset, ask them why. If their answer is gender-based (I can’t do that because I’m a —-), challenge them. There’s a difference between not choosing a ballet costume because it’s the last thing you would want to wear and not choosing a ballet costume because you think you shouldn’t. Kids should know that difference.

(And no, I wasn’t purposely trying to prove that I can take the fun out of anything. It just comes naturally.) 😉 Kidding! Keep in touch for more Halloween stories, but this is a great one to start with! And remember, talk to your kids!!!

One Comment to “Monster Costume (but not how you think)”

  1. That’s a good point. My daughter is always saying that’s for girls even though she’s not girly. She acts one way but then loves girly toys hmm…

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