Win something to read when you’re done swimming

Are you taking the kids to the lake this summer? Maybe you are going for awhile and need something to do when it’s time to come in from the sun? Or they need a break from the rain? Reading A Day At The Lake would be a great place to start, and then they could make up their own sound-alike words. “Flippity swish wish we were fish” is such a great line. Younger kids could think of alternatives for “flippity swish”. What are some other good words (or neologisms, they don’t have to be real words!) for fish movement? Or instead of fish, what about a butterfly, bird, cat, dog, squirrel, deer, raccoon, small child, car, motor boat, sail boat…I could go on forever!


Literacy doesn’t have to end when school is out and it doesn’t have to be limited to reading and writing. You could think of these words over ice cream cones on the porch or fish tacos at the dinner table. Encourage your kids to play with words–after they’ve played outside–and they will be hitting all kinds of multiple intelligences on what they think is just a fun family vacation.

I love the way this book plays with words, and your kids just might be inspired by that. There is some not-overwhelming rhyme, some great onomatopoeia (look that one up with the kids if they don’t know it yet!), gorgeous illustrations as you can see, and when it’s all said and done, a very fun day at the lake.


Win this great book by commenting below. Tell me what you like to do with your kids in the summer, and if you have any good ideas about keeping literacy alive in between campouts, let me know that, too! You have until Saturday, March 29th, at midnight Eastern time to leave your comment. Winners will be announced next week. MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE YOUR EMAIL OR SOME WAY FOR ME TO CONTACT YOU IN CASE YOU WIN!

aDayattheLake_coverTitle: A Day at the Lake
Authors: Stephanie Wallingford and Dawn Rynders
Illustrator: Erica Pelton Villnave
Genre: Picture Book
Age: 0 – 7

Want more chances to win this book? Check out the full blog tour schedule here.

11 Responses to “Win something to read when you’re done swimming”

  1. We are a family of flippity-swishers. Water parks, the beach, swimmin’ pools… But I don’t think we have yet swum in a lake. Gotta get on that.

    • Definitely get on the lake swimming thing. It isn’t swimming until you are afraid your feet are going to touch the slimy stuff. Or get eating by fish. 🙂 Thanks for playing and hope to see you back!

  2. We live on a lake and my children grew up in the water from the minute the ice went out to late summer.
    this book just reinforces how joyful that is. I would love a copy to have for grandchildren one day!

    • Hi Betsy! You won! Congrats and shoot me an email (thefamilythatreadstogether (at) gmail (dot) com so I can send the book to you. And enjoy the book with kids and future grandkids!

  3. We like to go to the lake, picinic, ride our bikes, and swim. We also like Nashville Shores and fishing. This book would be great to read to my four and one year old after a day on the lake.

  4. Oh, we love the lake and ponds too! I could spend all summer there reading.

  5. I know the giveaway is already over, but I just wanted to say thanks for posting about this book! It looks like a really fun read for kids!


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