What’s Spring?

There’s no better way to get kids interacting with reading than by writing their own stories. For little kids, you can have them tell you a story and you can write it down. Give them a prompt, or choose a favorite book and have then write a sequel. Or choose a favorite character and have them write another story with that character.

Older kids might like to rewrite a favorite story from the point of view of a more minor character, inventing things that happen to that character when they are “off camera”, or not on the page of the actual book.

To get my creative juices going, I’m responding today to a writing prompt on the awesome Susanna Hill’s blog. The challenge was to write a story about Spring in 350 words or less that ends with a specific line. Here’s my attempt. (349 words!*)


Little Fox’s Springs

Little Fox was almost one year old.

LIttle Fox remembered summer. He played in the sun and swam in the brook.

Little Fox remembered fall. He hid in the leaves and ran with the wind.

Little Fox remembered winter. He cuddled with his mama and tunneled in the snow.

But he didn’t remember spring. It was so long ago!

“What’s spring?” he asked his mama.

“Spring is when you were born,” said his mama.

“Hmmmm,” said Little Fox.

Little Fox tiptoed out of his den. He found Jackrabbit.

“What’s spring?” he asked Jackrabbit.

“A spring is a bounce!” said Jackrabbit. “Here, I’ll show you.” And Jackrabbit sprung around the meadow and back to Little Fox.

“Hmmmm,” said Little Fox.

Little Fox now had a spring in his step. But he still wasn’t sure how he would know when spring was here. He found Raven.

“What’s spring?” he asked Raven.

“A spring is a coil that wiggles and jiggles. Here, I’ll show you.” And Raven flew to his nest, rifled through twigs and toys and carried a spring back to Little Fox.

“Hmmmm,” said Little Fox.

Little Fox now had a spring in his step and a new toy spring in his paw. But he still wasn’t sure how he would know when spring was here. He saw Moose.

“What’s spring?” he asked Moose.

“A spring is delicious!” said Moose. “Here, I’ll show you.” And Moose trod to a small hole in the moss where clear water was bubbling. Little Fox took a drink.

“Hmmmm,” said Little Fox, licking his lips.

Little Fox now had a spring in his step and a toy spring in his paw and some fresh spring water in his tummy. But he still wasn’t sure how he would know when spring was here. He saw Deer.

“What’s spring?” he asked Deer.

But Deer couldn’t talk. She was busy with two very tiny, very spotted fawns.

Little Fox remembered what his mama had said. He was born in the spring. The fawn gave Little Fox a slobbery kiss.

Little Fox knew spring was here at last.


Now you write your story!

*Note to contest judges: I don’t have a Word Processor on my new(!) computer yet, so I entered this into seven (7!) different online word counters. 349 was the number that came up most often (3 times). 3 counters got a lower number and 1 got a higher number, so it seemed safe to assume I’m within the legal limit!

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32 Comments to “What’s Spring?”

  1. Fear not – without title, I make it 349 on Word’s word count.
    I am jealous. You managed to get in the one meaning of the word I missed in mine! 🙂
    A very happy little tail, and one that makes my punning tale wag furiously.

  2. My goodness, what a wonderful story! I loved that your character learned so many different definitions of spring. Wendy, you’re really upping the clever points, here!

  3. This is truly delightful! I love how you incorporated all the different meanings for Spring. Well done!

    • Thank you! I just hopped over to your blog, too, and love the illustrations! I think you picked right–the pencil is great, but I did love the coat and the magnifying glass in the middle one. 🙂

  4. I love this story! It was so clever of you to use the different definitions of spring and I adore that a fox is the MC. 🙂

  5. Such a cute idea to include all the different meanings of spring!

  6. Nice job Wendy; I loved it! :0)

  7. Very clever use of all the meanings and such a sweet story about Little Fox!

  8. My son has a published story that reminds me a little of this, but I like yours better! Anyway, if you want to check it out, it’s called What Makes A Rainbow.

  9. Baby animals = one of my favorite things about spring! 😀

  10. so cute! i loved how you used the different types of springs 🙂

  11. In one word…FABULOUS!!! In two words…GREAT STORY!!! In three words…I LOVE IT!!! In four words…HAVE THIS ONE PUBLISHED!!!
    Wendy, what an absolutely perfect tale…wonderful imagery and the voice of little fox is so genuinely little child. 🙂

  12. cute story concept 🙂 loved it!

  13. Cute story. Great use of repetition to advance your plot. And a homophone lesson, to boot!

  14. Fantastic story Wendy. Very creative and funny. Loved the way you mentioned all the different types of springs! I really liked the repetition too. Good luck with the competition and congrats on making it into the top 7!

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