Ivy and Bean Dance for Free


Title: Ivy and bean Doomed to Dance
Author: Annie Barrows
Illustrator: Sophie Blackall

I love this one. Who doesn’t have memories of dance class? My memories of my friend and I starting tap dance in 8th grade. For some reason, maybe partly because it was an older age for kids to start, or maybe it’s just the class we found, we took a class with women 50 and above. Some way above. It was absolutely awesome. I totally fit in. I think I’ve always been about 75 at heart…I guess that’s the opposite of being young at heart, but in a good way, I think. My 4yo, the Wizard of Why, is similar. 🙂

Someone told me recently (while I was wearing a top from Talbots) that I couldn’t wear Talbots yet, I had to save that for when I was older. I replied that I had to start on Talbots now because I needed to have time for my LL Bean days. 🙂 But in reality, I’m already wearing LL Bean. In fact, I have one of their sweaters on right now, and one of the things I’m most excited about my move from Nashville to Michigan is that I can put aside the trendy sundresses for some way more practical winter coats. My mom’s LL Bean boots are already in my front closet, just waiting. But back to dance, I am hoping in my new town to find an adult tap class to start again. And this time, I won’t be out of place.

Want to win a great book about a dance class? Just comment below. Tell me about a dance class experience, or if you, too, are an old soul or maybe you are young at heart. Or just leave your name. Good luck!

And here, of course, are WEEK 5’s winners:

THE BOOK: Heidi Grange
The mini-notes: Jennifer Rumberger, Mary Comfort Stevens, and Carol L

Thanks for playing everyone! Come back every week for more books to win! And don’t forget to comment below to enter this week!



12 Comments to “Ivy and Bean Dance for Free”

  1. This book is hilarious! I love the disenchantment that seems to be what my own daughter felt for ballet. Thanks for this giveaway!

  2. Yes, my son had a similar experience. He loves to dance, but not so much in dance class. It was a little strict for us…

  3. Thanks so much for the giveaway! My daughters love to dance especially the costumes in their hip hop class, neon colors!

  4. Tania–that is totally awesome. 🙂

  5. I don’t dance, I’m afraid. What I do is better described as a flail.

  6. How fun to be a winner! Thanks! And, I’m not a dancer, so no stories for me!

  7. <— Old soul wallflower over here. Definitely not on the dance floor. 😉


  8. I’ve never taken Dance Class. But I have always loved dancing. Growing up in the 60’s/70’s you could move however you wanted on the dance floor. It was all good. 🙂 I’m just a young at heart in a mature body. lol
    Congrats winners.
    Carol L

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