Linky Blog: Are parent-child date nights part of sexual education?

I read a really great blog this week. Which was great timing because the next few weeks is still filled with moving activities, and it’s a great excuse to link to something awesome.

Now, to introduce: I LOVE date nights with The Wizard of Why. They are really the best. He opens up, he’s willing to talk in a way he never is otherwise, and he laughs so much. Last night, he took his Dad on a date night to see Brave. (Isn’t a good empowered princess movie the BEST boys date night you can think of?) So tonight, he said he wanted to do something special with me. It was almost bedtime, so my suggestions had to be short. When I came up with “a walk around the block” he LOVED the idea. We waved goodbye to Dad and Gyroscope and headed out. We are staying in downtown apartment while we finalize the moving details (read: find a house) so the block was busy. We passed all sorts of things to talk about and laugh about. And on the final stretch, he turned to me and lifted his arms up in the air. I picked him up and he kissed me on my cheek. And then the other cheek. And then the other. “I LOVE you, mommy”, he said. *melt*

Which brings me to this blog, which posits another great reason for date night I had never considered: as part of a lifelong sex education for your kids, it teaches them that a date is a way to get to know someone, that you pay attention to your date, talk to them, and become their friend. You are modeling to your children how to behave and how a future partner should behave. I thought that was a really cool way to look at it.

2 Comments to “Linky Blog: Are parent-child date nights part of sexual education?”

  1. That is such a sweet story. And your take on it is very true.

    So glad you’re blogging again! Your posts have been missed.

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