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April 6, 2012

Homemade Cake

Welcome to another installment of The Family That Eats Together Fridays!

My mother baked. My sister bakes. But I don’t bake. Or, more accurately, I bake with varying and unpredictable degrees of success and failure. So when birthday cake time comes around, I get slightly nervous. Sometimes, for inspiration, I check out a blog of a friend of mine, Lamb’s Munchings and Musings, but that only serves to remind me what I will never be capable of. The recipes, maybe. But carving a lion out of a cake? Nope.

So when it was time for the Wizard of Why’s 4th birthday party and he wanted a knight and dragon theme, we logged on to the internet together to search for dragon cake ideas. Logging on to the internet with a small child takes a leap of faith because there is always the possibility that he will see some unbelievable cake and want that one, at which point I will either have to admit defeat or spend a week in the kitchen. We did find plenty of instructions for a pretty neat-looking dragon cake, but luckily for my week, he was pretty insistent that a knight and dragon party have both a knight and a dragon incorporated into the cake. So we did what the grandmother in my recently-blogged-about book Piggy Bunny did: we ordered stuff off the internet.

This has become somewhat of a tradition now, and it’s one I really like. Instead of paying a zillion dollars for a grocery store cake, and instead of spending too much time teaching my kid four-letter words in the kitchen, I order a couple of themed toys and stick them on top of a plain homemade cake. It was prefect. For this cake, we ordered two dragons and a knight. We made a delicious family chocolate-cake recipe but bought store-bought frosting (a good compromise I thought). Making the cake batter was a fun activity to go together and we didn’t have to get the kitchen completely wrecked while making frosting. He helped me spread the frosting and pump it out of the little cans. We frosted it with green (for grass) and blue (for water)…we did have one land dragon and one sea dragon after all. It turned out awesome (and completely delicious)! It was relatively easy, and my son now has some new knight and dragon toys to play with.

If you try this out, let me know how it goes. And if you have any other ideas for ridiculously easy birthday cakes, I’m all ears!!! (And maybe I’ll post that family recipe on a future Friday!)