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August 4, 2011

My son draws two ears, but JEREMY DRAWS A MONSTER

I picked my 3yo from school the other day. His teacher handed me a piece of his artwork and said how “good” he was at drawing. Despite the dubiousness of this comment, I immediately glowed with pride. The artwork was a picture of SkippyJon Jones, who at that point I had not heard of. When my son pointed to the picture proudly, I assured him that yes, it was a fantastic rendition of this SkippyJon Jones character and later when I found out who SkippyJon was, I think I still agree.

Basically, my son drew a blob with two pointed ears. When the teacher complimented him on it, he said it “wasn’t very good”, which is, unfortunately a standard line of his. (I don’t need to be a Tiger Mom because my son does that work for me.) The teacher encouraged him that it was great and drew two eyes on the picture to satisfy his perfectionist tendencies.

Talent or no, I love that my son is learning how to draw and that his drawings are starting to resemble actual things. He drew a fantastic picture of my husband  for Father’s Day that I’m pretty sure is the best thing ever made. By anyone. Ever.

Title: Jeremy Draws a Monster
Author/Illustrator: Peter McCarty
Genre: Picture Book
Ages: 2 – 7

Do you have a kid who likes to draw? If so, this is a great book that encourages drawing creativity and shows where your art might take you. It also, though, cautions against staying inside and drawing all day long. Sometimes, after all, it’s great to play with your friends.