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February 18, 2011

Can I borrow your Frindle?

I picked up this book one night when I went to bed and didn’t turn out the lights until the last page.  A really fun read.  It’s easy to see why the “frindle”, both in the sense of the word as used in the book and the book itself, was so popular.

Title: Frindle
Author: Andrew Clements
Age: Late elementary, Early Middle School

Summary and Review:

This is a really fun read with a great main character, a wonderful teacher, and an inspiring group of kids to round it out.  When 6th grader Nick Allen challenges the infamous English teacher on the importance of a dictionary, he begins a revolution like he never imagined.  Suddenly, his idea to call a pen a “frindle” has classroom-wide and then school-wide and then nation-wide(!) consequences.  It’s a great story about the power of an idea, the power of passionate kids, and the power of a great teacher.

Follow-up with the kids:

Nick Allen had a lot of ideas–what are your kids’?  Find out!!  Kids so often are thought of as dreamers, but when they reach a certain age (way too young in my opinion) they cease to believe that their ideas can make a difference.  See if you can unleash your child’s hidden dreams and find a way to propel them to action.  Who knows?  Maybe they’ll get their name in the dictionary, too.