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January 31, 2011

Grab a spoon, some avocados, and some love

The first year after my son was born was complete chaos at my house.  Wonderful, loving, ecstatic chaos, but chaos nonetheless.  My husband and I were both working full-time, him as a Urology resident, me as a Middle School Principal, neither of which are jobs that let you slack a little here and there.  (Actually, do jobs even exist now that let you slack a little here and there?)  Sleeping was not something my son was really ever into, and for that first whole year, and maybe more, he never slept in past four in the morning.  So the early wake-ups, combined with the middle-of-the-night feedings and cryings, combined with stress from work, well, we let some things slide.

In fact, I think we let everything slide…I remember a co-worker talking about opening the curtains in her house each morning and closing them every night.  I suddenly got this tremendous urge to do the same, as if that would be some sort of sign that I was in control of my life, my house.  But on the priority list, that would come after a lot of things we already weren’t doing–making our own dinners (take-out was the norm), making our bed, cleaning up toys, even getting the basics done at work–everything was hanging by a thin thread.

But there was one thing I did that year, one thing that I had control over and one thing I was really proud of–and that was making food for my baby.  Every Sunday I would cook up delicious concoctions on the stove, put them in the blender, and then transfer to ice cube trays for freezing.  I loved knowing that I was providing him with good, healthy food.  And the money we were wasting on the unhealthy take-out for ourselves was being saved by not having to buy jar after jar of baby food.

This is a new cookbook I found recently at an upscale baby store.  My eyes always gravitate toward a beautiful cookbook with beautiful pictures.  I picked it up, even though I doubted it would add all that much to the ones I already had.  I think it was seeing the “banana-avocado guacamole” recipe that did it.  How good does that sound?

Title: Love in Spoonfuls
Author: Editors of Parenting Magazine (Recipes by Sarah Putman Clegg)
Genre: Parenting, Cookbook

Summary and Review:

Like most baby cookbooks, the recipes are simple, but I wouldn’t have thought of them myself, so that’s why I buy them.  The book is divided into stages of development from birth to 18 months, but of course many of the toddler recipes would be great for older toddlers and preschoolers as well.  It also has a lot of great tips about introducing foods (even ways to introduce by parenting style!), allergies, and other health information.