Illustrator Video Giveaway

I am very excited about this!  One week from today on Wednesday, February 2, I will be posting a giveaway great for anyone aspiring to illustrate children’s books!  The video series, hosted by a published children’s illustrator Will Terry, will give you tricks of the trade from the mechanics of drawing, color, and technique to the literary qualities of creating a good character.  Check back for my blog entry and comment on the entry to win!  (Or subscribe to the blog now so you know you won’t miss the post!)

Anyone who writes a comment on the blog entry will be entered. 

(UPDATE: Because I’m clearly new at giveaways and don’t give great instructions, your name will be entered whether you comment on THIS POST OR the GIVEAWAY POST on FEB 2.  So you have from now until 36 hours after the Feb 2 post to comment in order to win.  If that isn’t clear enough, then just email me!)

Entry rules as follows:

  1. one entry per person
  2. additional entries for each of the following: being subscribed to the blog; posting a link to this blog entry on facebook or a relevant listserv
  3. comments must include an email for notifying you if you win

All names will be put in a hat, one drawn at random, and the winner notified by email.

11 Comments to “Illustrator Video Giveaway”

  1. Hi, Wendy! Please enter me in your contest to win!

  2. Sorry! I am not entering twice, just got excited and didn’t leave my e-mail:

  3. Hi Lyn! Great! And actually, you can enter twice because you just subscribed! 🙂 Thanks! Technically, the contest runs next week, but I will count this anyway and write your name down twice. As a relatively new blogger and way new at the giveaways, we do things more casually around here. 🙂

  4. what a terrific contest

  5. not sure my first reply posted
    this is a terrific contest

  6. Hi, I’m a bit confused about when the contest actually is, but I would really like to win this! Put my name in the hat. Thanks!

  7. Hi, Wendy! I just returned from SCBWI NY and was doodling on a pad and
    a friend said that with a some practice, I could get back in the drawing game.
    This is JUST what I need. So please include me in your drawing (other definition
    —LOL). Thanks so much!

  8. Wendy,

    What a great contest! Hope you don’t mind if I jump on the bandwagon – I would love a series like this to help with my illustration career! 😀 I will definitely pass the word along as well.

    Happy blogging!

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