By gosh and golly, this is a really fun book

I first noticed Bink and Gollie on the Kirkus Book Award list, mentioned in an earlier post.  I was determined to buy it, but then while at the bookstore looking for gifts for my nieces, this was recommended.  Perfect–I get to buy it, read it, and then give it to someone else to enjoy!

Title: Bink & Gollie
Author: Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee
: Tony Fucile
: Early Reader, Fiction
Age: Kindergarten – 3rd

Summary and Review:

Bink is little and fiesty.  She loves things like rainbow-colored socks.  Gollie is tall and thin and much older–uses laptops and cellphones, but still loves and hangs out with Bink.  They have adventures and learn to compromise, but most of all they are just friends and they hang out together.  My favorite story is one where Gollie, perhaps needing some alone time, locks her door and puts signs specifically addressing Bink not to interrupt her.  She climbs a tall mountain of ice and snow (all the while in her room, of course) and finally relents to let Bink join her once she’s at the top.  The balance of wanting some space and then wanting to share your triumphs (even your imaginary ones) with your best friend, is priceless.

Possible conversations to have with your kids:

Ask them about their friends.  Do they have a “best” friend?  What do they like to do with that friend?  What do they do when they don’t agree?

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