Kirkus Reviews Best of 2010

Check out the Kirkus Book Reviews Best Children’s Books of 2010!  The list includes a few I’ve blogged about: Justin Case by Rachel Vail–my very first blog! and We Are In A Book! by Mo Willems.

It includes one that I specifically didn’t blog about: Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place, which had a lot of elements in it that I liked but many that I didn’t…I’m surprised to find it here, but perhaps that will inspire me to blog on it tomorrow.

It also includes some that I’ve been eyeing at the bookstore but decided not to buy.  One is Art and Max, and I can see why that is on the list…it’s a gorgeous book with a clever meta-literary/artistic idea in which the characters draw themselves.  But I decided it was a little too much for me and my son, and it wasn’t really up our alley.  Probably I just wasn’t in the meta-literary mood at the time and will now end up buying it later.  Another I didn’t buy is Lemony Snicket’s 13 words.  I love Lemony Snicket.  I love his dark sense of humor, the cynicism, the death, destruction, and depression not normally (for perhaps obvious reasons) found in children’s books.  I mean, I get the humor and I like it.  A picture book that supposedly teaches children words, but those words are things like “haberdashery” and “mezzo-soprano”?  That’s funny.  But there’s also “despondent” which is a recurring theme (obviously, as this is Lemony Snicket we are talking about).  And I’ve got a super-sensitive kid (I know, who doesn’t these days?) who makes me read any page with tears or other non-happy emotions twice and asks a lot of questions about how it gets better, so I wasn’t sure how I’d ever get out of the “despondent” loop.  So this wasn’t for him.  Maybe when he’s older he can start the Series of Unfortunate Events (which is hysterical!), but really, he’s two.  I hope I’m not shielding him.  I mean, this year I’m planning to buy The Latke Who Couldn’t Stop Screaming: A Christmas Story which ends, predictably, in the main character getting eaten.  And I do love The Composer is Dead. (Neither of these are Kirkus 2010 books, just to clarify.)  But this one was just not for me.

And the best part is that the review also contains books I’m now really excited to buy!   So maybe you will hear about them soon.  🙂  Here are some whose titles and descriptions caught my eye:  Arroz Con Leche, Shark vs. Train (definitely getting this!  I’ll be a two-boy household soon–this could come true at any moment!), There’s Going to Be a Baby, Summer Birds (going to look closer first–I’m all for science, but not really one for collecting specimens, unless we keep them alive, which is often hard for kids to do), and Bink and Gollie (I’ve been wanting to add more early readers to this blog anyway, and they had me at “George and Martha”…I LOVE those stories!)

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  1. Wendy – This is wonderful and very helpful.


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