Yes! Yes! I love you! More than you will ever know (unless you have kids someday and I promise I won’t bother you about that for at least 30 more years)

Let’s admit it; sometimes we buy books for our toddlers that are really for ourselves.  This might qualify as one of those.  Why?  Just the title alone should tell you it’s a book moms are going to want to buy.  And the illustrations are beautiful.  And the story is a different culture–a native american/eskimo family instead of the standard white kid in a picture book.  So really, we buy it because it’s the kind of book we want our toddler to like.  But here’s the best part–mine loves it!  Loves it!  So I’m especially happy to write about this one today.  Dads might feel left out of this one, but single moms might appreciate that it’s only about them and the kid.

Title: Mama, Do You Love Me?
: Barbara M. Joosse
: Barbara Lavalle
Genre: Board Book
Age: 0 – 5

Summary and Review:

A girl wants to know:  Will you love me even if I fall and drop our eggs?  Even if I do something on purpose like pouring water on our lamp or putting fish in your jacket?  EVEN if I turn into something different than I am now–like an animal?  EVEN if it’s a scary animal and I scare you?  EVEN if I run away?

Of course, the answer is always “yes”, and the story is beautiful and real.  The pictures are also great and I also love that it has new vocabulary for my son to learn–umiak instead of canoe, ptarmigan eggs instead of chicken eggs, mukluks instead of boots.  Not that I expect my toddler to go around using these words in everyday discourse, of course.  But I think examples like these only serve to show kids that there are so many different ways to live and eat and dress.

Possible conversations to have with your kids:

Basically, when you read this book you just want to give your kid a big hug and assure them you DO love them!  SO much!

While I don’t think you need to lecture, it’s never too early to teach a student about what to do when they read a word they don’t know.  So ask them.  What’s an umiak?  Can they tell from the picture?  What is an ermine?

You could even take this a step further.  My 2-year-old loves to look things up.   And while I know we are supposed to limit screen time (and believe me, I try) I think a great introduction to the computer is uses like this–you are using the computer as a tool to learn something, and not as an end in itself for entertainment.  Also, it doesn’t take that long.  Search for a picture of ermines and learn more about them.

Or go the more traditional route and get a book from the library–my son is also very much into this–he gets to type “ermine” into the search box (or whatever it is–usually “baseball”) and then we go and find a book.  He gets to take home new books on different subjects every week or so.  And he loves it!

3 Comments to “Yes! Yes! I love you! More than you will ever know (unless you have kids someday and I promise I won’t bother you about that for at least 30 more years)”

  1. Hi Jessica, I love your blog. I can’t believe it’s new you have so much on here. Your voice is really good too, like you’ve been blogging for years. Going over to follow you on twitter now, look forward to reading more another time.

  2. Oh yikes sorry Wendy, I got you mixed up with Jessica. Glad i’ve found your blog anyway 🙂

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