Is there anything better than a best friend? Gossie and Gertie wouldn’t think so.

Title: Gossie and Gertie
Author/Illustrator: Olivier Dunrea
: Board book
Age: 0 – 3 years

Summary and Review:

I could read this book every day.  And do, sometimes.  It is, after all, a board book, and I have, after all, a toddler.  This book captures the friendship of children at its best.  As the book says “Gossie wears bright red boots.  Gertie wears bright blue boots.  They are friends.  Best friends.”  What more do you need to know?  Well, you follow Gossie and Gertie on their everyday adventures of diving in the pond and playing in the haystacks.  And will Gertie follow Gossie everywhere?  It would seem so, until she gets distracted…first by a frog, then by a butterfly, then by a beetle.  And just when it seems Gossie is going to explode from exasperation at not being the leader, Gertie is distracted by food.  And Gossie follows.  I LOVE THIS BOOK!

Possible conversations to have with your kids:

Okay, I realize that picture book conversation is not the same as conversation about a deeply moving 500-page fantasy book.  But it can still be fun and educational for parents and kids!

Things to notice in this book and perhaps point out to your child:

1) Outdoor activity!  Ask your child what kind of things Gossie and Gertie like to do outside and then ask him what he likes to do outside.

2) Friends!  Ask you child who she likes playing with and what kinds of things they like to do together.  If they go to daycare/school or have playdates or maybe a sibling, even if they are still in the parallel play stage of toddlerhood, chances are they can name some friends they like to be with.

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